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Resistor SMD Codes Book PDF and Marking Codes 2018

Here you can download the SMD code ebook that indicates SMD marking codes for almost every surface-mount device available available on the market. To become aware of a particular tool, first perceive the package deal fashion and note the ID code printed on the device.

Resistor SMD Codes Book

Next appearance up the code inside the alphanumeric listing which paperwork the principle a part of the pdf book by means of seeking out the primary man or woman within the left column. You can use the CTRL + F shortcut to look for a certain SMD code because it may be tough to leaf through 3400 codes, with kind numbers, traits or equivalents and pinout statistics.

What are SMD Resistors?

SMD stands for Surface Mounted Device. An SMD is any digital element this is made to use with SMT, or Surface Mount Technology. SMT was evolved to meet the continued desire for published circuit board manufacture to use smaller components and be quicker, extra efficient, and cheaper.

SMDs are smaller than their traditional counterparts. They are often square, rectangular or oval in form, with very low profiles. Instead of wire leads that go through the PCB, SMD’s have small leads or pins which are soldered to pads on the floor of the board. This eliminates the want for holes inside the board, and lets each facets of the board be greater completely used.
SMD resistor code

SMD resistor code

The manufacture of PCBs using SMT is similar to that for additives with leads. Small pads of silver or gold plate or tin-lead are located on the board for attaching the additives. Solder paste, a aggregate of flux and small balls of solder, is then carried out to the mounting pads by means of a system similar to a computer printer. Once the PCB is ready, SMDs are placed on it the usage of a device known as a select-and-area device. The components are fed to the machine in lengthy tubes, on rolls of tape or in trays. These machines can connect heaps of components in keeping with hour; one manufacturer advertises a charge as high as 60,000cph. The board is then despatched through a reflow soldering oven. In this oven, the board is slowly introduced up to a temperature so one can melt the solder. Once cooled, the board is cleaned to cast off solder flux residue and stray solder debris. A visible inspection tests for missing or out-of-role components and that the board is clean.

SMD Resistor Packages

The time period package deal refers to the dimensions, shape and/or lead configuration of an digital element. For example, an IC chip that is has leads in  rows down contrary aspects of the chip is called a Dual Inline Package (DIP) chip. In SMD resistors, resistor bundle designators tell the period and width of the resistor. SMD programs can be given in inches as well as in milimeters. It is consequently critical to test the producer’s documentation. In the table under the maximum common packages are given in imperial units with the metric equivalent. Furthermore an approximation is given for the everyday electricity ratings.

Resistor SMD Code

Because of the small length of SMD resistors, there may be regularly no longer room for the traditional coloration band code to be revealed on them. Therefore, new resistor SMD codes were advanced. The most usually visible codes are the three and four digit system and an Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA) gadget referred to as EIA-ninety six.

Although no longer all SMD resistors, or SMT resistors are marked with their values, some are, and in view of the lack of area the SMD resistor code structures might not continually provide an obvious indication of the resistor value.

The floor mount resistor code systems provide are specially used to enable provider, restore and fault-locating. During manufacture the resistors are held either in tapes that are reeled, or in hoppers used for the floor mount machines. The SMD resistor markings can be used as a take a look at to make sure the appropriate values are being outfitted, but typically the reels or hoppers might be appropriate marked and coded.

SMD resistor code structures

Many SMD resistors do not have any markings on them to suggest their value. For these gadgets, as soon as they may be loose and out in their packaging it's far very hard to inform their cost. Accordingly SMD resistors are generally used inside reels or other packages where there's no threat of various values being combined.

Many resistors do have markings on them. There are three structures which might be used:
  • Three determine SMD resistor coding device
  • Four parent SMD resistor coding device
  • EIA96 SMD resistor coding device

3 figure SMT resistor code system

A 3 determine SMT resistor coding machine is the one this is usually used for trendy tolerance resistors.

As the call indicates this SMD resistor marking machine makes use of three figures. The first  figures inside the code imply the good sized figures, and the third is a multiplier. This is the same as the colored rings used for stressed resistors, except that actual numbers are used in place of colours.

Therefore an SMD resistor with the figures 472 could have a resistance of 47 x 102 ohms, or 4.7kΩ. However watch out for resistors marked with figures consisting of a hundred. This is not 100 ohms, however it follows the scheme precisely and it's far 10 x 100 or 10 x 1 = 10 Ω.

Where resistance values less than ten ohms are used, the letter "R" is used to suggest the location of the decimal point. As an example, a resistor with the price 4R7 could be 4.7Ω.

4 figure SMT resistor code system

The four digit or four discern SMT resistor marking scheme is used for marking high tolerance SMD resistors. Its layout is very similar to the 3 discern SMT resistor making scheme, but expanded to provide the higher wide variety of massive figures wanted for higher tolerance resistors.

In this coding scheme, the first 3 numbers will indicate the considerable digits, and the fourth is the multiplier.

Therefore an SMD resistor with the figures 4702 would have a resistance of 470 x 102 ohms, or 47kΩ.

Resistors with values of less than one hundred ohms are marked utilise the letter 'R', as before, to suggest the placement of the decimal point

EIA96 SMD resistor code machine

A similarly floor mount resistor code scheme or SMD resistor coding scheme has began for use, and it is aimed toward 1% tolerance SMD resistors, i.E. Those using the EIA96 or E-ninety six resistor collection. As better tolerance resistors are used, similarly figures are wished. However the small size of SMT resistors makes the figures tough to examine. Accordingly the new device seeks to cope with this. Using handiest 3 figures, the actual characters can be made larger than the ones of the 4 determine system that would in any other case be wanted.

The EIA SMD resistor coding scheme uses a 3 man or woman code: the first 2 numbers indicate the 3 large digits of the resistor price. The 1/3 person is a letter which shows the multiplier. In this way this SMD resistor marking scheme will no longer be careworn with the three determine markings scheme as the letters will differentiate it, although the letter R may be utilized in both systems.

To generate the machine the E-ninety six resistor collection has been taken and each fee or sizeable parent set has been numbered sequentially. As there are best ninety six values in the E-ninety six collection, handiest  figures are needed to variety every cost, and as a end result this is a smart way of reducing the quantity of characters required.